Mother’s Day

Tucson Pops plans virtual Mother’s Day concert

Maestro Laszlo Veres isn’t allowing the cancellation of the spring season of Tucson Pops Concerts to get in the way of his celebrating Mother’s Day.  Traditionally, the orchestra performs ‘My Yiddishe Momme” each year as part of the special concert celebrating mothers.  The poignant piece written in the early 1900s… Read more »

History of Mother’s Day in Israel almost as old, complex as the Jewish state

Henrietta Szold (Alexander Ganan - National Library of Israel, Schwadron collection, from

Nothing in Israel is simple. Even a secular holiday like Mother’s Day is seeded with conflict, starting with the fact that there used to be two Mother’s Days celebrated in Israel: one in Haifa and one in the rest of the country. Although in the 1990s the day’s purview… Read more »

JWI Flower Project supports victims of domestic violence, who are even more at risk during coronavirus pandemic

Jewish Women International's Flower Project raises funds through its Mother's Day card program to support victims of domestic violence

More than 45,000 women and children spend each Mother’s Day in domestic violence shelters. At this unprecedented time in the U.S., many women who have escaped abuse for the safety of shelters now find themselves stuck in place, unable to move forward with rebuilding their lives. Jewish Women International’s Flower… Read more »

Five books even crazy busy moms will want to read

So many people tell me that they don’t have time to read. I understand the dilemma. Reading is often portrayed as an immersive experience, one that you can’t do without a full-fledged commitment of an event-free day and a deck chair. Well, would-be reader, I’d say that is wrong.… Read more »

‘Nosh & More’ furnishes fun for Jewish foodies

Looking to give your mom a little extra love on Mother’s Day? If she’s a foodie —or you are — the “Nosh & More” section of can provide sweet and savory inspiration, with recipes contributed by members of the local Jewish community. Reading the accompanying “Why I Love… Read more »

Mother’s Day gifts from mom that money can’t buy

Edmon J. Rodman shared his mother's taste for Impressionist art, thus the purchase of this umbrella as a Mother's Day gift. (Edmon J. Rodman)

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — What gifts do our mothers give us? Not the kind we see in the mirror. Like me, you’ve probably already accounted for where your eye color, nose shape and eyebrows that seem too close to each other come from. I’m talking inner gifts, those money… Read more »

In time for Mother’s Day, ‘Heather Has Two Mommies’ author celebrates book’s 25th birthday

The book jacket of the new edition of"Heather Has Two Mommies," which features new color illustrations by Laura Cornell. (Courtesy of Candlewick Press)

(JTA) — Leslea Newman’s iconic picture book “Heather Has Two Mommies” had a simple beginning. A woman approached Newman on the street in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she lived at the time, and said her family needed a book to which her daughter could relate. Meaning that she wanted to… Read more »

Tucson community, small steps help mom provide Jewish journey

Sarah Chen

As a young mom, the biggest single change I’ve noticed, Jewishly, is that I’ve gone from the happy-go-lucky Receiver of the Experience to the all-encompassing, ever-busy Provider. I used to sit around the Seder as a middle schooler rolling my eyes, sighing, wishing we could move faster. Then as… Read more »

JWI Flower Project to aid battered women

Washington, D.C. — Through its annual Flower Project, Jewish Women International will honor 30,000 women and children spending Mother’s Day in battered women’s shelters. In partnership with ProFlowers and OPI Products, Inc., JWI will send bouquets and beauty products to 150 shelters across the United States, including one in… Read more »

From WWII to refuseniks, mom’s journals reveal active life

Tucsonan Paul Rubin with journals written by his mother, Roz Kaufmann, and a copy of his compilation, “In Her Own Words: A Life Well Lived” (Photo: Brenda Stosberg-Rubin)

Imagine Paul Rubin’s surprise when he found a suitcase full of journals penned by his mother, Roz Kaufmann, dating back to 1944. Kaufmann was 79 and suffered from dementia when her son found the journals in 2004. She died two years later at age 81. “All of a sudden… Read more »