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JWI Flower Project supports victims of domestic violence, who are even more at risk during coronavirus pandemic

Jewish Women International's Flower Project raises funds through its Mother's Day card program to support victims of domestic violence

More than 45,000 women and children spend each Mother’s Day in domestic violence shelters.

At this unprecedented time in the U.S., many women who have escaped abuse for the safety of shelters now find themselves stuck in place, unable to move forward with rebuilding their lives.

Jewish Women International’s Flower Project sends bouquets of flowers and financial literacy resources to 200 shelters across the U.S. on Mother’s Day. JWI is a leading women’s advocacy organization. Its mission is “to empower women and girls by ensuring and protecting their physical safety and economic security, promoting and celebrating inter-generational leadership, and inspiring civic participation and community engagement.”

For every $25 donated to the Flower Project, JWI will send a card — by mail or by email — to any person the donor chooses. The cards may arrive on Mother’s Day, but with a simple message — “sending love” — they’re appropriate for anyone.

To donate and send cards, visit www.jwi.org/flower project.

And, through May 15, use the code JWI to save 20% at 1-800-FLOWERS.