Benjamin Miles Glaser born

Benjamin Miles Glaser born February 1, 2021 son of Karen and Peter Glaser of Washington DC, grandson of Judy and Chuck Schultz of Tucson AZ and Roni and Steve Glaser of Port Washington NY.… Read more »

Danilo Fredman

A son, Danilo Judah Fredman, was born July 3, 2020 to Brenda and Daniel Fredman, M.D. of Tucson. Grandparents are the late Avery and Henrietta Fredman  of St. Louis, Missouri; José Netzahualcóyotl Ruíz, M.D., of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico; and Guadalupe Gurrola of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. Danilo joins his brother,… Read more »

Marley Rose Sutton Adler


A daughter, Marley Rose Sutton Adler, was born July 26 to Meredith and Michael Adler of Denver, Colorado. Grandparents are Dana and Ira Adler of Tucson, and Barbara Gross and Terry Pollack of Pepper Pike, Colorado.… Read more »

Ezra Boxer

A son, Ezra Abraham Boxer, was born June 16, 2020 to Alex and Dara Boxer of St. Louis, Missouri. Grandparents are Michael and Betsy Boxer of Tucson, and Lynn and Barry Goldberg of Delray Beach, Florida.  … Read more »

Miles Russell Tauber

A son, Miles Russell Tauber, was born March 27, 2020 to Alex and Zach Tauber of Los Angeles, California. Grandparents are Tracy and Michael Levy of Tucson, and Beth and Sheldon Tauber of Chandler, Arizona. Great-grandparents are Reva and Don Levy of Palm Desert, California, and Paul Zatulove of Phoenix.… Read more »

Stav Adar Singer Hurvitz

A daughter, Stav Adar Singer Hurvitz, was born Feb. 21, 2020, to Emily Singer Hurvitz and Yaron Hurvitz in Irvine, California. Grandparents are Shelley and Steve Singer of Tucson and Mickey and the late Udi Hurvitz of Ramat HaSharon, Israel. Stav is also welcomed by her big brother, Aviv.… Read more »

Asher Evan Cogan

A son, Asher Evan Cogan, was born Nov. 30, 2019 to Scott and Laura (Heisler) Cogan, in New York City. Grandparents are Michael and Barbara Heisler of Tucson and Jesse and Sandy Cogan of Livingston, New Jersey. Asher Evan is the younger brother of Leo Grayson.… Read more »

Benjamin Ritzo

A son, Benjamin Meyer Ritzo, was born Nov. 20, 2019 to Joe Ritzo and Emily (Schwartz) Ritzo of San Carlos, California. Grandparents are Shelley and Bob Schwartz of Tucson, Patti Livingstone and Todd Finkle of Spokane, Washington, Dale and Christine Ritzo of San Carlos, California, and John Hight of… Read more »

Asher Jax Goldstein

A son, Asher Jax Goldstein, was born Oct. 15, 2019 to Steffany and Joseph Goldstein of Scottsdale. Grandparents are Ellen and David Goldstein and Tess and Mark Holcomb, all of Tucson.… Read more »

Jeremy Shea Landau

A son, Jeremy Shea Landau, was born July 13, 2019  to Melissa and Matt Landau. Grandparents are Cindy Klein of Grass Lakes, Michigan, Steve Klein of Tucson, and Brenda and Steve Landau of Tucson.… Read more »

Jack Abel Stantus

A son, Jack Abel Stantus, was born June 19, 2019 to Debbie and Kyle Stantus of Phoenix. Grandparents are Shelly Abell and Dan Weisz of Tucson, and Paul and Connie Stantus of Libby, Montana.… Read more »

Bayla Zimmerman

A daughter, Bayla Zimmerman, was born June 4 to Mushkie and Rabbi Ephraim Zimmerman of Oro Valley. Bayla joins her sisters, Devora, Chana, Leah, and Risa, and brother, Zev.… Read more »

Jude Valentine Hall

A son, Jude Valentine Hall, was born March 1, 2019 to Andrea and Jacob Hall of Sherman Oaks, California. Grandparents are Rita and Martin Hall of Tucson and Vaughn and Cathy Laganosky of Sierra Vista.… Read more »

Abigail Alice Cohen

A daughter, Abigail Alice Cohen, was born Nov. 14 to Zachary and Katie Cohen of Tucson. Grandparents are Cantor Janece Cohen of Tucson, Sue and Harry Fox of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Rabbi Jordan Cohen of Ontario. Great-grandparents are Seneca Erman of Tucson, and Rhea and Philip Cohen of Toronto.… Read more »

Aracely Roberta Barkan

Rabbi Ruven Barkan and his wife, Adina Weber, adopted a daughter, Aracely Roberta Barkan, on July 12, 2018. Aracely was born April 23, 2017. Grandparents are Sally Weber and Malcom Katz of Encino, California, and the late Jerry Weber; Morris and Sharon Barkan of Tucson; and Eileen and Michael… Read more »

Adira Neshama Frumkin

A daughter, ADIRA NESHAMA FRUMKIN, was born Feb. 16, 2018 to Michelle Kuper Frumkin and Dvir Frumkin of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Grandparents are Mindi and Stewart Kuper of Tucson and Mira Frumkin of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Great-grandparents are Ileane Schneider of Scottsdale and Rochelle Roth of Tucson.… Read more »

Eve Bernice Kovach

A daughter, EVE BERNICE KOVACH, was born Sept. 7 to Naomi Gray and Josh Kovach of Philadelphia. Grandparents are Margo and Ron Gray of Tucson and Jackie and Brian Kovach of Philadelphia.… Read more »

Marielle Blaney-Koen

A daughter, MARIELLE, was born July 14 to Daniel and Lisa Blaney-Koen of Chicago. Marielle joins her brothers, Brach William and Gray Oliver. Grandparents are Mike and Gerri Koen of Oracle, Arizona, and Howard and Marie Blaney of Colorado.… Read more »

Matthew Roy Gold

A son, MATTHEW ROY GOLD, was born Jan. 18 to Russell and Laura Gold of Winston-Salem, N.C. Grandparents are Phyllis Levin Gold and Stephen Makielski of Tucson, Joe Gold of San Francisco, Gaye Raymond of Oakland, Calif., and Roy Raymond. The Golds also have a daughter, Eleanor Lea Gold,… Read more »

Menachem Mendel Ceitlin

A son, MENACHEM MENDEL CEITLIN, was born Dec. 25, 2016 to Rabbi Yehuda and Feigie Ceitlin of Tucson. Mendel, named after the Lubavitcher Rebbe, joins his sisters Goldie and Sarah. Grandparents are Rabbi Aaron Eliezer and Adina Ceitlin of Montreal, Canada, and Rabbi Yossie and Chanie Shemtov of Tucson… Read more »