Ari Nathan Wertlieb

A son, ARI NATHAN WERT­LIEB, was born Jan. 2, 2014 to Rebecca Light and Josh Wertlieb of Phoenix. Grandparents are Marcia and Ken Light of Tucson and Lorre Polinger and Dr. Donald Wertlieb of West Newton, Mass. Great-grandmothers are Betty Light of Tucson, Geraldine Polinger of Palm Beach, Fla.,… Read more »

Levi Leonard Singer

A son, LEVI LEONARD SINGER, was born Jan. 12, 2014 to Sarah and Keith Singer of Tucson. Levi joins his sister, Celia Bea. Grandparents are Barbara and Michael Heisler and Paula and Daniel Singer, all of Tucson.… Read more »

Itayi Nyamuzuwe

A son, ITAYI SIMON NYAMUZUWE, was born Sept. 13, 2013 to Emily Simon and John Nyamuzuwe of Oakland, Calif.  Grandmother is Dr. Miki Paul of Tucson.… Read more »

Reece Samuel Stoler

A son, REECE SAMUEL STOLER, was born Sept. 19, 2013 to Noaa and Marc Stoler of West Orange, N.J. Reece joins his sister, Neve Siona Stoler. Grandparents are Nancy and David Stoler of Tucson, Rachel Hacham of Montclair, N.J., and Arnon Rahav of Salisbury, Md.… Read more »

Zev Loren Neuman

A son, ZEV LOREN NEUMAN, was born to Eszter and Ariel Neuman of Los Angeles on Aug. 13, 2013. Grandparents are Yael and Shlo­mo Neuman of Tucson and Eva and Tamas Lengyel of Los Angeles.… Read more »

Mira Ray

A daughter, MIRA CLEMENTINE RAY, was born May 11, 2013 to Julie and Prasenjit Ray. Grandparents are Nancy and Jerome Glaser of Los Angeles and Kumkum and Asit Baran Ray of Charleston, W. Va.… Read more »

Yanai Druker

A son, YANAI DRUKER, was born March 8, 2013 to Oren and Meirav Druker of Moshav Dekel, Israel. Grandparents are Lora Stern Druker and Yoram Druker of Moshav Dekel and Marcello and Diana Wasser of Kibbutz Nirim, Israel. Great-grandparents are Carol and Alvin Stern of Tucson and Araham and… Read more »

Nolan Patrick Mulloy

A son, NOLAN PATRICK MULLOY, was born March 10, 2013 to Melissa Amster Mulloy and CPT Patrick C. Mulloy of Freihung, Germany. Grandparents are Annette Miranda Amster of Mesa, Bernard Amster of Tucson, and Michael and Linda Mulloy of Springfield, Va.… Read more »

Hadar Gelbart

A son, HADAR GELBART, was born April 24 to Inbal and Guy Gelbart, Tucson’s community shaliach (Israeli emissary) at the Weintraub Israel Center. Hadar joins his sisters Arbel and Clil, and brother, Carmel.… Read more »

Sydney Jordan Freed

A daughter, SYDNEY JORDAN FREED, was born March 1, 2013 to Lindsey Robinson Freed and Eric Freed of Dallas. Grandparents are Felice and Gary Freed of Mesa, Ariz., formerly of Tucson, and Jeff Robinson of Dallas. Great-grandparents are Corrine Brooks of Mesa, Lin Schentes of Dallas and Harold (Sonny)… Read more »

Asher Grayson Morris

A son, ASHER GRAYSON MORRIS, was born Nov. 10, 2012 to Nicole Zuckerman-Morris and Kenneth Morris of Tucson. Grandparents are Jill and Michael Ives, Jay and Stephanie Zuckerman, Judith Morris, and Garnet Morris III, of Tucson. Great-grandparents are Enid and Mel Zuckerman of Tucson and Patricia and the late… Read more »

Gray Oliver Blaney-Koen

A son, GRAY OLIVER BLANEY-KOEN, was born Sept. 13, 2012 to Lisa and Daniel Blaney-Koen of Chicago. Grandparents are Mike and Gerri Koen of Oracle and Howard and Marie Blaney of Boulder, Colo. Gray joins his brother, Brach William Blaney-Koen.  … Read more »

Yoel Don Avisror

A son, YOEL DON AVISROR, was born Sept. 4, to Allison Brown Avisror and Yossi Avisror of Boston, Mass. He joins his sister, Ella Rose. Grandparents are Patrice Janoff Brown and Ronald J. Brown of Tucson and Minneapolis, Minn., and Mazal Avisror of Hod Hasharon, Israel. Great-grandparents are Ronald… Read more »

Emma Frances Goodman

A daughter, EMMA FRANCES GOODMAN, was born July 15 to Rebecca and Ted Goodman. Grandparents are Linda and Andrew Kunsberg of Tucson; Beanie and Markus Rohtbart of Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; and Don and Gloria Goodman of West Bloomfield, Mich.… Read more »

Angelina Virginia Kroot

A daughter, ANGELINA VIRGINIA KROOT, was born Feb. 3, 2012, to Cathy Szostek and Aaron Kroot of Grayslake, Ill. Grandparents are Shirley and Michael Kroot of Tucson.… Read more »

Tziporra Malka Chorny

A daughter, TZIPORRA MALKA CHORNY, was born Feb. 23, 2012, to Nichole and Joel Chorny of Tucson. Grandparents are Aaron and Shawn Hellman of Tucson and Rabbi Ammos and Avivia Chorny of London, Ontario.… Read more »

Yoseph (Yossi) Sha’anan Geffen

A son, YOSEPH (YOSSI) SHA’ANAN GEFFEN was born Feb. 3, 2012, to Zev and Leah Geffen of Modi’in, Israel. Grandparents are Sharon and the late Joseph Geffen of Tucson and Michael and Dena Granof of Austin, Texas.… Read more »

Josephine Sulima Geffen

A daughter, JOSEPHINE SULIMA GEFFEN, was born Dec. 20, 2011, to Malka and Kristy Geffen of Portland, Ore. Grandparents are Sharon and the late Joseph Geffen of Tucson and Pam Sulima of Madison, Wisc.… Read more »

Yoseph (Yossi) Meir

A son, YOSEPH (YOSSI) MEIR, was born Aug. 23, 2011, to Noach and Yocheved Meir of Beitar, Israel. Grandparents are Rabbi Ron-Ami and Miriam (Mimi Geffen) Meyers of Seattle, Wash. Great-grandparents are Sharon and the late Joseph Geffen of Tucson and Sylvia Meyers of Winnepeg, Canada.… Read more »

Isaac David Chusid

A son, ISAAC DAVID CHUSID, was born Dec. 12, 2011 to Alexandra and Aaron Chusid of Rockville, Md. Grandparents are Joan and the late Michael Weinberg of Tucson, Charki Dunn of Buffalo Grove, Ill., and  Michael Chusid and Sandra Goodman of Los Angeles, Calif.… Read more »