Do You Have a Curious, Compassionate, and Inquisitive Child? Begin Here.

Celebrating 50 years of excellence, Tucson Hebrew Academy (THA) is the choice for parents seeking a premier and personalized education for their children from kindergarten through 8th grade.  

THA’s small class sizes and impressive 9:1 student-teacher ratio demonstrates our commitment to excellence – and our ability to offer something more.  

Here we celebrate childhood in a warm and loving environment, offering a leading-edge program that cultivates growth, development, and a love of learning during your child’s formative years.   

THA parents Lei and Josh explain it this way, “We moved to Tucson, in part, to be part of THA and raise our kids in a vibrant but cozy Jewish community and we could not have picked a better school! THA is an incredible place to watch your children learn from dedicated and nurturing teachers. We know our sons are lucky to be in a school surrounded by the best role models and leadership that truly cares.” 

THA students dive deeply into subjects like civil rights, marine biology, music theory, art, architecture, and financial literacy. This rich curriculum is taught through a Jewish lens, empowering students to ask questions, test theories, and think critically – leveraging skills woven throughout more than 5,700 years of Jewish thought, learning, and tradition.  Skills that prepare THA students to succeed in our complex world. 

Here we offer an exemplary education that sparks curiosity, creativity, and collaboration rather than focusing on a rigid curriculum dictated by state mandates and standardized testing.  

The THA experience is further enhanced by our dual language program. Not only does a second language strengthen a child’s ability in math, science, and the arts – it develops a worldliness in our graduates who head to the best high schools and colleges with a nuanced compassion and understanding of other cultures, languages, and practices.  Paired with incredible travel opportunities, a THA education meaningfully connects children with the world around them.  

Here students don’t just learn about civil rights – they travel to Alabama to experience, witness, and gain a deeper understanding first-hand.  

If you are looking for something more, begin here.  

We welcome you and your children to visit us for a private or group tour. Generous financial aid is available to make a THA education a reality for every family. Please contact us at or 520-529-3888 or visit our website to learn more.