Tots to Teens

This Jewish Bedtime Ritual Is a Parenting Win

(Kveller via JTA) — Twinkle, twinkle, kochavim (stars), Shining in the shamayim (sky). When I say Shema tonight, Everything will be all right. Years ago, my oldest child brought this song home from preschool. It made me wonder: What exactly was the message they were trying to convey to… Read more »

Local day camps promote science, fitness, leadership — and love of Judaism

Jane Hiller (left) enjoys a creative movement class at Congregation Anshei Israel’s summer camp.

Seeking an enriching day camp environment for your kids this summer? Tucson offers several Jewish day camp options. Congregation Anshei Israel’s summer camp, which serves children ages 2-6, runs through July 27. Along with water play, arts and crafts, songs and stories, the camp offers two areas of special… Read more »

Jewish Mothers, Tiger Mothers merit praise, rebuke

Marilyn Heins, M.D.

Which mother is the better (or worse) parent? Good parenting is not a contest but let’s examine the stereotypes of Tiger Mother vs. Jewish Mother. Amy Chua’s book “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” is on my shelf but my parenting files were curiously empty of any references… Read more »