Beware of treats that can harm your dog’s health

B efore you toss that treat to your pooch, remember it might be a fatal decision. Human bodies process foods differently than canines, says U.S. Food and Drug Administration veterinarian Carmela Stamper. Like people with allergic reactions to foods, one food may harm one dog and not another, depending… Read more »

Local woman’s pet proves its dedication as Handi-Dog

Talya Fanger-Vexler trained Sapphire to be a service dog with the help of Handi-Dogs, a Tucson nonprofit organization. (Debe Campbell)

Talya Simha Fanger-Vexler fell in love one day with a fluffy puppy in a pet shop window. It had sparkling blue eyes and a calm, composed demeanor. Talya pictured long hikes and active adventures with the bouncy sable Sheltie at her side. Five years later, the lovable fur ball… Read more »

AJP Pet pages 5.26.17

Tzeitel, owners Larry and Melanie Rogovein

  To see many more pet pictures from our readers, staff and colleagues, click the link below. And please patronize our advertisers! Pages 11-12-13… Read more »

Pet briefs 5.15.15

In celebration of National Therapy Animal Day, Handi-Dogs will hold free information sessions, “Can My Dog Be a Therapy Dog?” on Monday, May 18, 11 a.m. to noon and 6 to 7 p.m. at the training center, 75 S. Montego Drive (one block east of Kolb and Broadway). The… Read more »

Handi-Dogs plans informational sessions

Handi-Dogs will hold two informational meetings on Thursday, Jan. 15 for people who may want to volunteer with their dog as a pet therapy team, visiting in settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, libraries or schools. The one-hour sessions will be held at 2:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. at… Read more »

Dog’s head out car window not so delightful a habit

For most pups, the best part of a car ride is feeling the breeze in their furry faces as they stick their head out the window. Despite the feel-good nature of this pleasurable experience, it’s actually a very dangerous habit. In the early days of automobiles, most cars did… Read more »

Some Jewish pet owners celebrate dog’s ‘bark mitzvah’

“Fluffy” Shindler barks when he sees Friday night candles and understands that on Shabbat, it’s quieter than usual around the house. It was only natural, then, for the Shindlers to throw Fluffy a “bark mitzvah.” About eight years ago in Monsey, N.Y., the bichon frise donned a yarmulke and… Read more »

Pet grants, events on tap for local groups

Pima Animal Care Center is a winner in the ASPCA 100K Challenge, held June 1-Aug. 31. PACC ranked first in Arizona in its year-over-year increase of total lives saved, and sixth in its division nationwide. PACC will receive $5,000 in prize money from the ASPCA.  PACC is also the… Read more »

Service dogs and therapy dogs have different roles in helping humans

Chablis, a therapy dog, visits hospitals and other facilities.

The term “service dog” has become a generic term for describing the activities of three types of working dogs: service, therapy and emotional support. They are, however, all different. Service dogs A college student with visual impairment, an older adult with mobility issues, a teenager who is a type… Read more »

Tucson pet groups hosting summer events, classes

On June 25, the Holistic Animal Care Shoppes OutReach program donated 10 gift baskets to the Tucson Police Foundation for the K9 police units. The baskets included organic treats,  dry and canned food, supplements, treatments for sore muscles and cracked pads, a no-leak water bottle and toys. • •… Read more »

Plan ahead to keep pets safe on July 4th

The Fourth of July is one of the most stressful and potentially dangerous times of the year for pets. While you and your family, friends and neighbors are celebrating the holiday with fireworks, pets are finding these activities anything but festive. Many pet parents assume that if their pet… Read more »

Fourth of July Dog Walk and Cat Cuddle

Pima Animal Care Center will hold a Fourth of July “Dog Walk and Cat Cuddling” event from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.  Volunteers are needed to help adoptable pets stay healthy, happy and hopeful as they wait for their forever homes.  Families are welcome, but only those ages 16… Read more »

Toxic post-monsoon toads pose threat to Tucson pets

It’s almost monsoon season and it’ll be raining toads — Colorado River toads (a.k.a. Sonoran Des­ert toads), that is! The Colorado River toad is a large, bumpy, brown amphibian that is a common nocturnal visitor to Tucson yards every monsoon season. Most of the year they live buried in… Read more »

Aloof or cuddly, cats need human care to stay in top form

Cats have been domesticated for thou­sands of years, but there are many popular myths that can hinder the care of these animals. In many cultures, including those of Russia, Japan and ancient Egypt, cats have been revered, or seen as all-knowing and good luck. Unfortunately, this reverence has led… Read more »

Free pet vaccination, wellness clinic

Pima Animal Care Center will hold a free vaccination  and wellness clinic on May 21. The first 100 patrons between 9 a.m. and noon will receive diagnostic testing and vaccines for their pets, thanks to grant funding from Banfield Charitable Foundation. Pet services offered at no charge (and worth… Read more »