Local | Pets

A parade of local pets from the heroic to the simply adorable

Charlie, owned by Bess Ecelbarger
Charlie, owned by Bess Ecelbarger
Max, owned by Yana Krone
Truffles, owned by William and Joyce Becker
Olivia, owned by Bertí Brodsky and David Rosenstein
Reba owned by Lori Riegel
Molly, owned by Fran and Jeff Katz
Louis, owned by Amanda Stolkin
Marty Drozdoff, who owns Kiki, an Akita/Red Heeler mix, with his wife, Marcia, calls Kiki a protector of people, little dogs, and the neighborhood, who chases bobcats out of the yard and barks away coyotes.
Gracie, a 13-year-old toy Australian Shepherd therapy dog, visits residents at Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging on Monday mornings.
Freyja, owned by Debie, Talia, and Aurora Curtis
Dylan, owned by Phyllis and Steven Braun
Daisy, owned by Karyn Zoldan
Cheddar owned by Roberta Kurtz
Jiji, the Balinese Princess, owned by Debe Campbell