Dining Out | Mother's Day

‘Nosh & More’ furnishes fun for Jewish foodies

Looking to give your mom a little extra love on Mother’s Day? If she’s a foodie —or you are — the “Nosh & More” section of jewishtucson.org can provide sweet and savory inspiration, with recipes contributed by members of the local Jewish community. Reading the accompanying “Why I Love this Recipe” comments adds to the fun.

New in the dessert category is “Grandma Molly’s Seven Layer Bars,” made with graham crackers, coconut flakes, butterscotch chips and walnuts.

“Letter or Crescent Cookies” will let you spell out a message to mom in sweet, nutty dough — but don’t forget to follow Aunt Fannie’s tip to work quickly, before the butter melts.

And, with fresh berries in season, it’s a great time to try “Ellen’s Cheesecake.”

Not big on sweets? Check out “Dill Pickles,” “Israeli Marduma” — a spicy cold salad or spread, or the decidedly untraditional “Wasabi Mashed Potatoes.”

Nosh & More can also tempt you with  soups, main dishes,  holiday favorites and more, including four different varieties of kugel!