Mother's Day

JWI aims to bring comfort to women living in domestic violence shelters on Mother’s Day

More than 40,000 women and children find safety in domestic violence shelters every day. Since 1999, Jewish Women International’s Flower Project has delivered bouquets of flowers and financial literacy materials to domestic violence shelters on Mother’s Day, showing women fleeing violence that they are remembered and loved, and providing them with resources to help them rebuild their lives and create safe homes for their children.

For each $25 contribution to the Flower Project, JWI will send a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card — either a paper card or an e-card — to the honoree of the sender’s choosing. Proceeds from the sales of cards are used to send flowers and financial literacy resources to 200 domestic violence shelters across the country.

In Tucson, Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse is a recipient of the program.

“Our Mother’s Day Flower Project gives women living in domestic violence shelters a chance to spend a moment away from the daily worries of housing, safety, employment, and their health and well-being, by lifting their spirits and letting them know that people they’ve never met before are thinking about them,” says Vivian Bass, chair of JWI’s board of trustees. “These survivors strive every day to build better lives for themselves despite countless obstacles and overwhelming adversity. A bouquet of vibrant flowers can mean the world for women who are most in need of love.”

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14.

JWI also supports safe spaces for women and children through its National Library Initiative, which establishes children’s libraries in homeless and domestic violence shelters.

For more information, visit or call (800) 343-2823.