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UA doctor: We all have good days and bad days

When people in their 70s or 80s walk into a hospital emergency room with no obvious physical symptoms, medical residents often think their problem must be brain impairment. But that’s “nonsense,” said Ole J. Thienhaus, M.D., of the University of Arizona department of psychiatry, speaking at the “Aging and… Read more »

Tucsonan Gladys Hanfling is a people person — and a synagogue stalwart

Gladys Hanfling holds a Torah with a needlepoint mantle she created in 2003 for Temple Emanu-El.

Gladys Hanfling, 87, isn’t afraid of anything. “I’m chutzpahdik,” she says, smiling. Life is full of experiences so why should anything stop her? As for her age, “I don’t look it. I don’t act it. I don’t think it,” Hanfling told the AJP. Born in the Bronx, N.Y., she… Read more »

At 91, Harvey Pollack still NBA’s leading scorekeeper

Harvey Pollack

Fittingly, Harvey Pollack was the one who scribbled the number 100 on the most famous photograph in basketball history: Wilt Chamberlain holding the piece of paper signifying his astounding point total in a 1962 game for the then Philadelphia Warriors. After all, Pollack is basketball’s ultimate numbers and public… Read more »

Glass not yet full for oldest PCC graduate

Enriqueta Fassler

Enriqueta “Neneng” Fassler is a 71-year-old dynamo who earned her third college degree in May. She was the oldest graduate of Pima Community College, earning her post-graduate certificate — with honors — as a paralegal. Fassler holds two college degrees in education: one in physical education from her native… Read more »

At 96, publication of kids’ book fulfills dream

On her 96th birthday, Betty Rosenberg Perlov became a published children’s author, fulfilling a decades-long goal. The Sept. 1 release of “Rifka Takes a Bow” capped a lifetime of creative endeavors for the nonagenarian great-grandmother . “I am so happy about the book, so happy,” Ro­senberg Perlov told JTA… Read more »

From broadcast career to Jewish community, local retiree stays in the game

Although known for his adventurous spirit, Dick Belkin has never been a motorcycle enthusiast. So his wife, Sherry, was surprised when he hopped on their son-in-law’s bike and said, “Let’s go for a ride.” They never left the curb. (Courtesy Dick Belkin)

                      Once known as Captain Six and later as a captain of the broadcast industry, Dick Belkin was a pioneer in television. Since retiring 25 years ago, he brought that same entrepreneurial spirit to the World Trade Center in… Read more »

Nathan Shapiro: Boy cantor at 10, active senior and ‘lucky guy’ at 95

Nathan Shapiro in his apartment at Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging, with a promotional flyer and photograph from his days as a boy cantor in New York. (Sheila Wilensky/AJP)

Nathan Shapiro, 95, served in World War II, was married for 61 years and still drives his own car. “I’m a very lucky guy in many respects,” was the first thing he told the AJP in his apartment at Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging. “If I have years,… Read more »

Jewish senior camps retool to keep up with the times

Participants at the Isabella Freedman Senior Camp in Falls Village, Conn., dancing next to the tree mural they created, with notes expressing the accomplishments in which they take the most pride and their hopes serving as the leaves. (Courtesy Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center)

Not many people attend summer camp with their parents. Mindelle Pierce went with her mom when her mother was in her 90s. They chose a two-week program for senior adults at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, Conn. Aside from typical camp activities such as swimming… Read more »

AARP Arizona seeks community nominees

AARP Arizona is seeking nominations for its 2013 AARP State Andrus Award for Community Service. The annual award honors individuals whose community service makes a unique and valuable contribution to society. Last year, AARP recognized 52 outstanding individuals from around the country. Award nominees will be screened by the… Read more »

UA Humanities seminars: profound topics, no tests

The University of Arizona’s Humanities Seminars program presents learning opportunities for seniors this summer ranging from ancient myth to modern global environmental law. All of the four- or five-week courses are taught by UA professors. Five perspectives on the core issues in environmental law will be taught by professors… Read more »

Mary Peachin, self-described ‘adrenalin junkie,’ has deep Tucson roots

Mary Peachin, right, with fishing boat captain, Adolpho, and a rooster fish she caught in Zihuatenejo, on the Pacific coast of Mexico. (Courtesy Mary Peachin)

Mary Peachin is proud to be a third-generation Tucsonan, a granddaughter of the pioneer Jewish Levy family. She’s also forged her own path. At 72, she can count flying her own plane, sky diving, bungee jumping and swimming with sharks among her experiences. Her life of adventure traveling began… Read more »

Tucson Brandeis group promotes intergenerational bonds

Terri Freed, a local Brandeis National Committee volunteer, interacts with children during an after-school literacy enrichment project at the Tucson Jewish Community Center. (Courtesy Terri Freed)

About a year ago, the Tucson chapter of the Brandeis National Committee began discussing ways to bring more parents of young children into their fold. “We were told that the way to reach this age group was through their children,” says Roz Kraft, a co-leader of the Brandeis study… Read more »

Young and old connect at Jewish senior centers

Maddie Garfinkle, 4, plays the drum at a Yad b’Yad session at the Rose Schnitzer Manor at Cedar Sinai Park in Portland, Ore., as her mom, Ali, looks on and her brother, Ian, 2, shares an instrument with his grandmother, Annette Gerard. Other Rose Schnitzer Manor residents look on. ( Peter Korchnak, Cedar Sinai Park)

Nearly two dozen senior citizens in their 70s, 80s and 90s sit in a circle. Seated on mats within that ring are babies and toddlers with their parents or caregivers. Kim Palumbis joins in, strumming her guitar, singing and calling out instructions. Participants — young and old — clap… Read more »

Dropping in on Irving Olson

Irving Olson, 99, with one of his water drop photographs (Renee Claire)

Irving Olson has been capturing photographic images for nearly 90 years. He continues to create pictures in a dark room, just not the “dark room” one typically associates with photo development. In a specially outfitted kitchenette in his Oro Valley home, Olson shuts out all light and digitally captures… Read more »

Israeli scientist brings wildlife illustration to forefront

Walter Ferguson’s childhood encounter with birds piqued a lifelong interest.

Road kill, for most people, is something you try not to look at too closely and leave behind. But for Walter Ferguson these misfortunate animals could be a prized treasure. Ferguson, one of the world’s preeminent wildlife artists, would never wish for a little creature to be maimed. However,… Read more »

Jewish communities grapple with baby boomer retirement boom

BALTIMORE (JTA) – Every Jewish community wants more Raymonde Fiols among its active retirees. The question is whether those communities are prepared to meet the needs she and hundreds of thousands of “younger seniors” and older ones will have in the near future. Now 76, Fiol has resided in… Read more »

Living life to the fullest: tips from Dr. Ruth

Dr. Ruth Westheimer (Maxine Dovere)

Born Karola Ruth Siegel in Frankfurt, Germany, the woman now known as “Dr. Ruth” saw her father arrested by Nazis and said a final goodbye to her mother as she boarded a Kindertransport rescue train to Switzerland. By 17, she was in the British mandate of Palestine on a… Read more »

Handmaker resident Barbara Shore: Feminist with an eye on history

Barbara Shore and her daughter Deborah Shore participate in a project at Handmaker during the Israeli Artists Exchange in February. (Photo: Lori Riegel)

Coming from a Jewish family that valued education propelled Barbara Shore, now 91, into academia. Becoming a feminist happened along the way. Her husband, Jack Shore, whom she married in 1942, was instrumental in that progression. “We didn’t call it then,” Shore told the AJP in her apartment… Read more »

Israeli microbiologist still inventing after all these years

Nathan Citri

At 91, professor Nathan Citri offers no advice on how to achieve longevity. That he’s made it this far — with a mind so sharp he is still inventing innovative medical diagnostic kits — may be thanks to long walks or good genes. He cannot know for sure, since… Read more »

Resident finds new zest for life at Handmaker: ‘I’ve never been happier’

Brian Litwak

Brian Litwak, 75, has gone through life coping with poor health. Nine years ago, following quadruple bypass surgery and suffering from diabetes, he came from Los Angeles to Handmaker Services for the Aging, brought here by his younger brother. “No one told me I was supposed to die,” says… Read more »