Letters to the Editor

Imam’s speech at prayer service brazen

Regarding “Tucsonans of many faiths join in prayers for Mideast peace at Temple Emanu-El” (AJP 8/15/14), I, too was stunned by the imam’s tirade. Had I been there, I would have also walked out in protest. Calling Gaza a concentration camp before people who knew a lot better than… Read more »

New religious wars evoke shock, anguish

Regarding “Tucsonans of many faiths join in prayers for Mideast peace at Temple Emanu-El” (AJP, 8/15/14), I read with attention this important article, and Oshrat Barel’s feelings of empathy and compassion toward all victims, and her statement about “blind hatred.” I wrote the following: Anguish. I just feel anguish.… Read more »

Israel, Jews must change world perception

There is much craziness revolving around the war between Israel and Hamas. It appears that one of the key strategic objectives of Hamas is to grow anti-Semitism worldwide … and they are succeeding. And it is a shame as more and more wrongly informed Americans, as well as citizens… Read more »

Tucson Holocaust Survivors grateful for CUFI support of Israel

On a recent Sunday morning, the Tucson Holocaust Survivors were invited by CUFI to join them at their church for a special prayer service in support of the State of Israel. A full morning was spent in prayers, psalms, lectures, personal testaments, and immersion in the glorious voices of… Read more »

SB1062 gives haters the green light

     I was horrified to read the article in the Arizona Daily Star on Jan. 16 regarding SB1062. This is a bill being pushed by State Sen. Steve Yarbrough (R-Chandler). According to the Star, SB1062 “would allow businesses to discriminate against gays and potentially women and Jews, as long… Read more »

Fenton award named for a legend

What a delight to be present when Eileen Warshaw received the well-deserved Margie Fenton Award at the Jewish Community Relations Council annual meeting on Jan. 5. It was also wonderful to see so many young people there in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Jewish Latino Teen Coalition.… Read more »

Support diplomacy with Iran

I am Jewish and among my passions are peace and social justice. I went to Washington, D.C. Feb. 3-4 as a member of a delegation supporting diplomacy with Iran. I don’t want any Americans to ever have to say they are veterans of the Iran War. I have seen… Read more »

Be proud, join Jewish War Vets

The Friedman-Paul Post 201 of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America has been active in Tucson since 1950. The JWV was founded in 1896 and is the oldest active veterans organization in the USA. Our mission is to make it known that Jews served in… Read more »

Seeking Mi Sheberach stories

Have you said the Mi Sheberach for a friend or family member? Have you been ill and had a Mi Sheberach said for you? Are there other ways in which Jewish rituals, texts, traditions or communities helped you through an illness or a difficult time? I am currently working… Read more »

Finnish community sends thanks

I am the chairman of the Jewish community of Turku, Finland. We received a donation of four books by an author who was a Jewish resident of Tucson. The books were donated to our community library in memory of the late Richard Parrish. The donation was made by his… Read more »

Foundation seeks teen alumni

The Lappin Foundation is planning a study of our Youth to Israel Adventure’s impact on Jewish identity. To help us contact at least 75 percent of Y2I alumni from 1971 to 2007, please send names and email addresses to dcoltin@lappinfoundation.org or 978-740-4410. Y2I was also known as LGI. We… Read more »

Gettysburg article laudable, despite error

In reference to Rabbi Stephanie Aaron’s article on the Gettysburg Address (“My line, and Mitch’s, in the Gettysburg Address,” AJP 10/25/13), I feel a statistical correction is warranted. The 50,000 figure of men lost in the battle should more accurately refer to the total casualties estimates, which include all… Read more »

Bombing Japan did save millions of U.S. lives

This is in response to David E. Steinberg’s letter, “WWII end near before bombs dropped on Japan” (AJP, 7/12/13). I’m a World War II Navy veteran. In late spring 1945, my unit (all 10 of us) was awaiting deployment orders in San Bruno, Calif., when unexpectedly we were transferred… Read more »

WWII end near before bombs dropped on Japan

In your June 14 issue you feature an interview with the WWII veteran Nathan Shapiro (“Nathan Shapiro: Boy cantor at 10, active senior and ‘lucky guy’ at 95”). Mr. Shapiro is quoted as saying that the U.S. “would have lost hundreds of thousands of men” more in the war… Read more »

March of the Living column moving, important

I have just read the Shout Out column written by Michaela Davenport (“For Tucson teen, March of the Living trip is heartwrenching, empowering,” AJP 6/28/13) and was incredibly moved. I had to re-read the brief notice about Michaela as I found it hard to believe that she is only… Read more »

Native Tucson tennis pro to be honored in Israel

I read with interest the article on Tucsonans bound for the Maccabiah Games (AJP, 6/14/13) and thought you might be interested in the fact that my son Jimmy Grabb, a native Tucsonan and former professional tennis player, is going to be inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of… Read more »

Excess volume mars Scouts show

On June 17, I attended a performance of Tzofim Israeli Scouts at the Tucson Jewish Community Center, an event celebrating the group’s 40th anniversary. The pleasure I had taken in previous performances of Tzofim, and which I might have taken in this event, was marred by the over-the-top volume… Read more »

Wagner anti-Semitism was clear

In reference to a news brief published in the May 17 edition: To call Wagner’s anti-Semitism “alleged” is beyond ignorant. One of the reasons that Richard Wagner was Hitler’s favorite composer was their agreement that Jews comprised a single race. For your edification you should read the virulent anti-Semitic… Read more »

Mideast status quo is untenable

In your May 31 issue, Max Lazar criticized Rabbi Schneier for urging the Israeli prime minister to make some concessions for the sake of a lasting and just peace with the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza (“Rabbi Schneier misguided on Arab proposal”). Mr. Lazar considers any proposed… Read more »

JFCS stands ready to serve

We appreciate the Post’s coverage of how Jewish Family & Children’s Services has expanded its capacity to serve the community (“Partnerships help JFCS expand behavioral health care services,” AJP 5/17/13). Your article also pointed out how important our expert counseling and social services are to vulnerable people of all… Read more »