Letters to the Editor

Could immigration reform bust partisanship?

Our country finds itself at a crossroads. The past months have uncovered an animosity that is growing within our politics. At a time when we need steady courage in Congress, extremism finds a way to blot out any movement toward bipartisanship. Still, like President Obama, I believe we are fortunate to have a moral issue that can break this hostility: immigration reform.

America is what it is today because of the voyages of people who made the journey across our borders during the 19th and 20th centuries. Fleeing from oppression, immigrants often came with nothing except the determination to start again and create a new life. Through them, national industry blossomed, ushering in unprecedented prosperity. Today, we have a similar opportunity.

Instead of acting upon anxiety, we can meet our new brothers and sisters seeking citizenship with deep compassion and friendship. If we can recognize that our journeys are inherently interconnected and build a stronger community through our shared experience, we will inevitably be better off and healthier as a nation for it.

— Noah Dorson