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Tucson rabbi: The rumors of my retirement are greatly exaggerated!

Dearest Friends of the Tucson Jewish community,

It seems to me that many of you have forgotten the training we all received when we were children. Remember the nurse at school who taught you two important rules: 1) Wash your hands, and 2) Don’t put something in your mouth if you don’t know where it came from! Let’s pay attention to Rule #2, shall we?

For some of you, you are putting something in your mouth and sharing it with others and it has turned into something contagious. Don’t put rumors or gossip in your mouths for others to hear. I know that it is a juicy bit of gossip that many of you are mouthing; but it is NOT TRUE!

Here is the truth you may share with anyone: I am never going to retire! Until that changes, I will be arriving at the synagogue at 7:30 each morning. I will joyfully continue to work with children and senior citizens alike. I will make 20 calls daily to families and visit shut-ins and those hospitalized and be in my office so that my congregants will find me when they need me. I will display a happy countenance every day and demonstrate the virtue of equanimity with everyone I meet.

Until you hear otherwise from me, I am not retiring. Thank you for paying attention.


Rabbi Thomas  A. Louchheim

Congregation Or Chadash