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So far, Jewish 2020 candidates spur no remark

The fresh feeling of possibilities at the dawn of a new secular year (and decade) will no doubt be accompanied by business as usual in the political arena — loud bickering, mud-slinging and more regarding presidential candidates — not only in the House and Senate but in the homes of many among our roughly 330 million citizens.

Yet in spite of it all, we Jewish voters have reason for great optimism. Noting that a record five presidential candidates are either Jewish on both mother’s and father’s sides (Sanders, Bloomberg, and Williamson) or half-Jewish (Steyer and Bennett), I have yet to hear any public remark from our politicians that have even a whiff of anti-Semitism. And mainstream America appears to be judging candidates based on past performance, present character, and promises for the future.

In at least one respect, maybe 2020 will be our country’s best political year yet.

— Barbara Russek