Letters to the Editor

Imam’s speech at prayer service brazen

Regarding “Tucsonans of many faiths join in prayers for Mideast peace at Temple Emanu-El” (AJP 8/15/14), I, too was stunned by the imam’s tirade. Had I been there, I would have also walked out in protest.

Calling Gaza a concentration camp before people who knew a lot better than he did what “concentration camp” meant was brazen.

Likening Israel to Nazi Germany through transparent association was an unbelievably ignorant thing to do. The Nazis took a fiendish delight in making Jews live in fear and suffer. Israel doesn’t take delight in anybody’s suffering or death.

That imam should become much better informed and apologize for his brutally insensitive and ignorant speech before being invited into any synagogue again.
— William Winkelman