Letters to the Editor

Israel, Jews must change world perception

There is much craziness revolving around the war between Israel and Hamas. It appears that one of the key strategic objectives of Hamas is to grow anti-Semitism worldwide … and they are succeeding.

And it is a shame as more and more wrongly informed Americans, as well as citizens from other countries, truly believe based on the overflowing and very one-sided reporting coming out of the Middle East, that Israel and Jews must be “evil.”

I just cannot conceive how Israel has let Hamas outsmart it when it comes to world opinion … and an even better question is why? This is not about being right, it is about living in freedom without fear.

Why haven’t American Jews come together … perhaps at the local Jewish Federation levels around the country … to raise money to purchase media ads telling the world of the real and complete story of the Hamas-Israeli war and start changing the world’s opinion and the terrible perception of Israel and Jews?

Isn’t it time we Jews come together for a Jewish cause we have never taken up before and let our true desires to live in peace be known to the rest of the world? Let us start our precious journey of winning this difficult war against anti-Semitism once and for all.

We will only be able to achieve this goal when all Jews choose to acknowledge our common cause and unite as one.
— Ronnie Kaufman