Letters to the Editor

Tucson Holocaust Survivors grateful for CUFI support of Israel

On a recent Sunday morning, the Tucson Holocaust Survivors were invited by CUFI to join them at their church for a special prayer service in support of the State of Israel. A full morning was spent in prayers, psalms, lectures, personal testaments, and immersion in the glorious voices of that remarkable family. There was not a dry eye in the room.

CUFI are the Christians United for Israel, a Christian Evangelical group which was formed nationally a few years ago to strengthen ties between Christians and Jews. Their leader is Pastor John Hagee. They have grown into a large and powerful force that supports Israel unequivocally. They have also developed a strong network of campus-based teams of university students who stand against the anti-Israel activists and expose their lies. Their arguments are faith-based and rely on the biblical scriptures.

They reminded us, where Israel’s existence is once again threatened with annihilation, that Israel is no longer a question mark but a “fait accompli”; it is here to stay. At a time when all nations, including our friends, equivocate between Israel and the destructive forces it faces, CUFI stands with us unconditionally. Because of CUFI, we are not alone. And for this, my group and I will be forever grateful to them.

–Lily Brull