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Staying for Good

Whenever he called me from the United States, my uncle asked the same question, “Do you think you’re going to stay in Israel?” As the decades passed, the question turned more and more into a jest. And now that I’ve lived in Israel for almost forty years, including marrying… Read more »

Tzedek Project: Voting in pursuit of justice

“I’m too busy.” “I don’t know enough about the candidates.” “My vote won’t count.” We’ve all heard these excuses for failing to vote, some from family, some from friends or acquaintances. The quasi-reasons annoy me or infuriate me, depending on the context. Voting has been around for centuries. Why… Read more »

JFSA & JCF Statement on Antisemitism in Our Community

Yesterday a devastating act of antisemitism was discovered at the Chabad on River. An entry door was defaced with a swastika and an antisemitic slur. This comes just weeks after vandalism against Congregation Chaverim where a rock was thrown through a window in the front door of the synagogue. These horrendous antisemitic acts… Read more »

Maimonides Society to host “COVID-19: Where we’ve been and where do we go from here?” for Southern Arizona community

Mara Aspinall

With the increased availability of COVID-19 vaccinations and updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, many in the Southern Arizona Jewish community are feeling cautiously optimistic about a summer that looks very different from years past. The Maimonides Society, a fellowship of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to… Read more »

Returning to in-person Chaplaincy

Stacey Tarquinio, LPC

After more than a year providing Chaplaincy services by phone as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to be at the bedside of a patient in the hospital, or sit and visit with a Handmaker resident is such a blessing! Since March 16, 2020, the Jewish Federation… Read more »

Tucson synagogue receives the Maricopa County Chapter of the NAACP Freedom Fund Community Award for Civic Engagement

Marcia Zaccaria accepts the Maricopa County Chapter of the NAACP Freedom Fund Community Award for Civic Engagement on behalf of Congregation M’Kor Hayim Racial Justice Task Force

Congregation M’kor Hayim is a 90-member synagogue located in Tucson, Arizona. One week after the killing of George Floyd, M’kor Hayim member Jane Levin proposed a Racial Justice Task Force to Rabbi Helen Cohn. This proposal was met with enthusiasm by both the Rabbi and the M’kor Hayim President… Read more »

Adventure Bus program resumes after 14-month hiatus

Adventure Bus participants returned to the campus of Handmaker Jewish Services for Aging after 14 months on May 11, 2021. Handmaker residents rejoiced in the reunion with past participants, welcomed new friends, and greeted volunteer coordinator Bruce Pitz. Beginnings Tucson winter visitor Adrienne Drell originated the idea for Adventure… Read more »

Tzedek Project: Comparing trial processes then and now

Watching a TV drama unfold as a crime is committed, the suspect is apprehended, tried, and convicted in one hour (including commercials) has always been unrealistic to those of us who have been participants in both sides of “law and order.” The juxtaposition of watching the entire trial seeking… Read more »

Carol Stern, Tucson community leader and Israel advocate, dies

Carol Stern with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir

Carol Stern passed away on Friday, May 14, 2021. She and her husband, Al, of blessed memory, provided invaluable leadership to the Tucson Jewish community for decades, serving as moving forces behind the establishment of our vital institutions. Among her other key contributions, Carol was instrumental in creating Women’s… Read more »

JFCS hosts “Healthy Relationships Inside the Household” workshop as part of domestic violence prevention program

Dr. Marcela Kepic, Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Arizona

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s lives, leaving us with a deep sense of grief as we grapple with the loss of loved ones, jobs, freedom, and many other sources of stability and joy. The Jewish Family & Children’s Services of Southern Arizona (JFCS) domestic violence prevention program, LEAH (Let’s End… Read more »

JFSA Women’s Philanthropy raises funds to address food insecurity at Connections

Hundreds of women came together on March 14, 2021 at Connections, the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona’s (JFSA) signature Women’s Philanthropy event, to honor the Jewish community’s continued philanthropic work and address the growing problem of food insecurity in Southern Arizona in ways both big and small. After a year unlike any other, hunger is… Read more »

State Representative Alma Hernandez re-introduces bill mandating Holocaust education in Arizona public schools

Arizona State Representative Alma Hernandez

State Representative Alma Hernandez, a Democrat representing Arizona’s 3rd district, re-introduced a bill at the start of the legislative session that would make a substantive change to the state’s public school curriculum and have Arizona join 15 other states in mandating Holocaust education in public schools. Presently, there is… Read more »

Questioning racial and gender injustice in athletics

The world of sports prides itself on references to fair play and teamwork. Have those references always been applicable?  Not so much. This month, after the excitement of March Madness has dissipated, we need to look at  both commercial and amateur sports historically to see where justice has been… Read more »

Updates from Handmaker: Newfound freedoms, just in time for Passover

A collection of pictures of Handmaker residents from April 2021

Late last month, Handmaker finally received guidance from the Arizona Health Department to begin to loosen some of the restrictions that residents have been living with for months. What a relief! And, what a blessing that this happened just in time for Passover! This meant that we could have… Read more »

John “Ryan” Weston graduates

John “Ryan” Weston

John “Ryan” Weston will graduate from Millennium High School in May. He has earned high academic honors, ranking within the top ten in his class, and has been a standout member of his Cross Country (three years) and Track and Field (four years) teams. He has also participated in… Read more »