Aaron Rottenstein named one America’s top 500 Next-Gen Wealth Managers of 2021

Aaron Rottenstein

In their October issue, Forbes Magazine announced that Aaron Rottenstein has been named one of America’s top 500 Next-Gen Wealth Managers of 2021. Aaron is the only Tucsonan to make the list.

Quoting from Forbes selection for the Top NextGen Advisors: “There’s a reason millions of families are entrusting their future with this group: they have proven that they stand among the very best in wealth management. Sandwiched between generations, these advisors are eagerly sought by the industry to best serve families. They’re seasoned, have lived through market cycles, and their deep relations with families—often representing three or more generations—position them among the best wealth management has ever seen. Our rankings represent the true role models of the industry. They set the standards, and because these advisors are dedicated to always keeping their edge, they help raise the bar.”

The process Forbes uses to name advisors to this list is tough and competitive, “Since we are recommending advisors to the public, we have to make sure every advisor is high quality and can provide ‘impact’. No other advisor ranking provides this type of research and deep due diligence, which includes telephone interviews with every advisor, and in-person meetings—we’ve met with thousands of advisors in their offices. Every time we interview an advisor, we are thinking to ourselves, is this someone that can offer impact, and would we recommend them to a friend or family member?'”

Along with today’s announcement, Aaron is a Senior Vice President at UBS Financial Services where he is also designated as an Endowment and Foundation Consultant and is accredited as one of about 100 UBS Institutional Consultants. He’s also earned the Certified Financial Planner and Certified Investment Management Analyst designations. In our community, Aaron serves as the board chair of a Social Venture Partners Tucson and as the Vice Chair of the Center for Jewish Philanthropy. He has received recognition as one of Tucson’s 40 under 40 and has earned awards within the Jewish community.

The commitment, knowledge, care, and loyalty he brings to every client, every day, is infectious has now been recognized nationally by one of the most prestigious financial publications in the world, Forbes. If you’ve spent five minutes with Aaron, you know that this type of honor is well earned and deserved.