Help needed at Handmaker to deliver kosher meals to those in need

Members of our community who have been ordering Kosher Mobile Meals delivered to their home for the last six months have not only received a delicious kosher meal prepared in Handmaker’s kitchen, but some have had their meal delivered by none other than Rabbi Shemtov of Chabad Tucson!

Rabbi Shemtov says that “the chefs at Handmaker are working really hard to get these meals together, and I am grateful that I get to deliver them to members of our community who need a little extra help during these tough times.”

Rabbi has been delivering meals as part of a partnership with Chabad Tucson, Handmaker, and Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona. He picks up the meals at Handmaker to deliver on Tuesday mornings and has usually had other volunteers deliver meals on the other days. But lately he is finding that he is in need of a few extra helping hands.

When the partnership program began, they were delivering just a few meals a day. But as more people sign up he has gotten busier and is looking for “some righteous community members to make sure that these meals get delivered to those in need.”

Food security is a real issue for many right now in our community and as food prices increase, there is likely to be even more of a need for meals to be delivered through this program in the coming months.

Those interested in helping can do so by signing up to volunteer to pick up meals from Handmaker one or more mornings a week, and then deliver them to nearby community members. If you are willing and able to help, please sign up at, or call Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona if you have any questions at 622-1600 and ask for Claire.

And if you or someone you know is in need of kosher meals delivered to their home at little or no cost to them, please sign up by calling Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona at 622-1600.