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As Feingold exits, Senate loses independent liberal

The political career of Sen. russ Feingold, shown on the campaign trail for Barack Obama in Eau Claire, Wis., in August 2008, was marked by a fierce independence. (Phil Freedman)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The speech that Russ Feingold gave to end his career in the U.S. Senate was much like his career itself: by turns crystal clear, obscure, ornery, defiant and gracious — and quoting a fellow Great Plains Jew to boot. “But my heart is not weary, it’s… Read more »

First sign of the new U.S. political reality — Bibi’s swagger

Randy Altschuler, a Republican who holds a slim lead in his suburban New York congressional district, campaigning this summer with Rep. Eric Cantor, currently the only GOP Jewish lawmaker in the Congress. (Courtesy Randy Altschuler for Congress)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The sharpest signal of what last week’s elections meant for Jews came not from Washington but from New Orleans, Nova Scotia and Australia. In New Orleans, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech Monday calling for moving beyond sanctions to mounting a “credible military threat”… Read more »

Ash attack on Giffords full of lies

To our community: As Jews, we embrace politics because our parents and our grandparents taught us about the tragedies that can occur if we stay silent. Some of us are liberal. Some of us are conservative. Many of us are moderate. As Americans, we respect one another’s right to… Read more »

Vote for Giffords ratifies status quo

Despite our disagreement, I sincerely respect each of the individuals who replied to my letter. Our common ground is a shared love for Israel and patriotic zeal for the American institutions that guarantee our rights and liberties. Together, we live in a vibrant community that encourages thoughtful political discourse.… Read more »

Kelly aide should rethink protest

When I read allegations of anti-Semitism being hurled at Jesse Kelly in Politico, I thought to myself, “politics as usual.” It’s a stretch to call Mr. Kelly an anti-Semite simply because he had accepted an endorsement from a notorious anti-immigrant group, ALIPAC. I believe he’s innocent of anti-Semitism. What… Read more »

Kampeas wrong on GOP, Israel

I take exception to Ron Kampeas’ article, “Jewish officials flex persuading muscles ahead of possible GOP victories” (AJP 10/15/10). His demonizing Tea Party candidates and “GOP hard-liners” for possible aid cuts to Israel has it all wrong. His left-wing Liberal bias is showing. He and the rest of us… Read more »

Obama choice for those with heart

I want to send a resounding endorsement for the Democrats in this 2010 election. Independents and anyone who has a heart should vote the Democratic ticket. It is imperative to stay focused and have a long and short term memory. We were so upset with Bush but he is… Read more »

Seeking a good leader? Look for a mensch

Amy Hirshberg Lederman

The other night my husband and I sat down to review the sample ballot in preparation for the upcoming election. It took less than two minutes before a mild depression set in and I started looking for that glass of wine I hadn’t finished at dinner. I was upset,… Read more »

Israel, Iran, court, entitlements — what would a GOP Congress mean?

WASHINGTON (JTA) – The likely prospect of Republican control of at least one chamber of Congress has triggered broad speculation about the remainder of President Obama’s time in the White House, Republican bids for the presidency in 2012 — and the very course of the nation, if not the… Read more »

Unifying factor in 2010 election: never before

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is facing Tea-Party challenger Sharron Angle. (Brian Finifter)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Talk to veteran campaign watchers about this year’s congressional races, and within seconds they will tell you that they’ve never before seen elections quite like these. “We’ve never seen a cycle where there’s been this many races this close to an election and you don’t know… Read more »

Jewish officials flex persuading muscles ahead of possible GOP wins

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Across the United States, Jewish community professionals are honing their skills of suasion, preparing to deal with a new crop of lawmakers who are unfamiliar with Jewish organizational priorities — and who are likely to be unenthusiastic once they’re in the know. This season of anti-incumbent… Read more »

Elections 2010: In races for Congress, some Jewish incumbents at risk

Rodney Glassman

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Senate could go either way. Hopes are dimmer in the House. And Eric Cantor may at last have company. At least that’s the conventional wisdom on how Jewish lawmakers will do in November. If Jewish candidates sweep all the Senate races in this midterm election… Read more »