Letters to the Editor

Kampeas wrong on GOP, Israel

I take exception to Ron Kampeas’ article, “Jewish officials flex persuading muscles ahead of possible GOP victories” (AJP 10/15/10).

His demonizing Tea Party candidates and “GOP hard-liners” for possible aid cuts to Israel has it all wrong. His left-wing Liberal bias is showing.

He and the rest of us should be more concerned with the recent figures put out by the GAO (Government Accountability Office). For the fiscal year 2010/2011, the projected U.S. government debt will be 14.6 trillion dollars; projected gross domestic product at 16.5 trillion dollars.

Our country is effectively bankrupt.

We have no money for Israel, or for any foreign aid. We’re broke!

Wholesale cuts in everything will be the order of the day, with the exception of Social Security and Medicare, which will probably have some type of reform.

From Israel’s standpoint, their economy is generally doing well. Their main concern remains security from attacks by Hamas, Hezbollah and of course Iran.

— Sid Brodkin