Letters to the Editor

Obama choice for those with heart

I want to send a resounding endorsement for the Democrats in this 2010 election.

Independents and anyone who has a heart should vote the Democratic ticket. It is imperative to stay focused and have a long and short term memory. We were so upset with Bush but he is beginning to look better in comparison with the Republican and Tea Party agendas.

Here it is put simply: Obama cares about jobs and he has saved millions. He is prepared to create more jobs and help the environment and our infrastructure at the same time. Republicans want to help those who would ship jobs overseas, fail to pay taxes and cut the minimum wage.

Obama cares about the health of the country. He has passed landmark legislation that already prohibits insurance companies from denying coverage to children and allows them to remain on their parents’ insurance till age 26. Medicare has never dictated which doctors you can see, insurance companies do. Insurance gets between you and your doctor — the government does not. Republicans want to protect insurance companies and corporations.

Obama cares. He defends and protects Social Security and Medicare. Republicans want to privatize Social Security. Didn’t that go well on Wall Street with our money? And Republicans are ready to destroy Medicare.

By the way, the big bailout was Bush. With Obama’s stimulus bill, Tucson is receiving millions.

Obama cares about our schools and teachers.

Wake up America! Do you want to live in fear? And anger? And hatred?

Say NO to Republicans and their mean ways. Get out and vote!

— Edna Silva, RN