That’s what friends are for: A broad-based pro-Israel coalition is the best antidote to the Mearsheimers and Sullivans

Like the radicals aboard the Mavi Marmara, critics of the “Israel Lobby” are leading American-Jewish organizations into a trap. And unlike the Israeli commandos who boarded the ship, Jewish leaders still have a chance to change their strategy. Among those critics, Chicago’s John Mearsheimer has emerged as the Grand… Read more »

Turkey, the next Iran?

(June 6, 2010) Scanning news reports this week, I was surprised to learn that according to much of the press, Turkey had been Israel’s “staunchest ally in the Muslim world,” until this past Monday following the Gaza aid flotilla debacle. According to Associated Press, the UK’s Daily Mail and… Read more »

Israel facing tough choices on Gaza as criticism of blockade mounts

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Despite the international outcry following last week’s lethal confrontation between Israeli commandos and militant pro-Palestinian activists aboard a Turkish vessel carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, Israel insists its naval blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory is justified and will continue. But even Israel’s closest allies backing the… Read more »

With flotilla deaths, Turkey may be near tipping point on Israel

Istanbul — While Turkey and Israel have seen their once-close relationship deteriorate steadily for the past few years, the Israeli commando raid of a Turkish-led flotilla heading for Gaza, in which several Turks were killed, marks a dangerous new low in the two countries’ relations. “Turkey is now involved… Read more »

Obama and Netanyahu: unfortunate incidents or a clash of worldviews?

Washington — President Obama’s Cairo speech and its equivalent invocations of Palestinian and Jewish sufferings. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s call for an unequivocal freeze: “Not some settlements, not outposts, not natural growth exceptions.” The Joe Biden fiasco. And now the Obama administration’s venture into a nuclear-free Middle… Read more »

Federal immigration law needs enforcement

I am simply amazed at the knee-jerk response of liberals – especially Jewish liberals – who are so vehemently opposed to the new Arizona “immigration” law. I guess they haven’t been following the Congress’ actions in recent years. Nearly every part of this new law is an exact copy… Read more »

Op-Ed: The disproportionate success of Jews in American life

SONOMA, Calif. (JTA) — When I was a kid, the prospect of catching polio was terrifying. We could not dive into a public swimming pool for fear we would spend the rest of our lives in an iron lung. Two Jewish doctors vanquished that disease and removed such fears… Read more »

Netanyahu alienating allies in EU?

Jerusalem On the day last week that Israel gained admission to the prestigious Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Israel’s continued control over the Palestinians was eroding its global standing. Whereas Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu… Read more »

Families should intercede for seniors targeted by scams

Companies that promote sweepstakes scams go by different names. But they do have one thing in common: Their victims are primarily senior citizens, especially our parents and grandparents who do not know how to access the Internet.  If these senior citizens could get online and Google “Award Processing Center,”… Read more »

Letter, article on education fail to offer budgetary solutions

Both Sheila Stolov’s letter to the AJP (“Cohon right on public education,” 5/7/10) and Rabbi Cohon’s article (“Support for Arizona public education a must,” AJP 4/9/10) deal with the severe budgetary crisis in Arizona’s public education system; and as such, they also talk to the referendum to temporarily increase… Read more »

Polarizing immigration issue gets fair treatment in AJP

Regarding Sheila Wilensky’s article “Immigration bill thrusts Arizona into national spotlight; Tucsonans react, (AJP/5/7/10) ” I want to commend the Post for providing the readership with an in-depth analysis.  Obviously the subject of immigration is a highly polarizing one and there are differing points of view.  It is important… Read more »

What to do about Jewish teens

NEW YORK (JTA) — Observers of Jewish education for teens are increasingly concerned about a disparity between the participation of boys and girls. Lamenting the absence of boys in youth programs, Jewish educators and philanthropists have turned their attention more and more to enticing boys to become involved.  I… Read more »

Jews should stand with Latinos

We Jews of all people know how horrific it is to be singled out for harassment and worse because of our ethnicity. That’s why every Jew, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, must stand up against SB 1070, the anti-Latino bill that will lead to racial profiling and racist attacks.… Read more »

Cohon right on public education

I was happy to read Rabbi Cohon’s “Support for Arizona public education a must” in the April 9, 2010 Arizona Jewish Post. Rabbi’s historical perspective on Jews inventing public education provides an interesting perspective on the “inherently Jewish” value of education. I couldn’t agree more. All students deserve the… Read more »