Letters to the Editor

Jews should stand with Latinos

We Jews of all people know how horrific it is to be singled out for harassment and worse because of our ethnicity. That’s why every Jew, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, must stand up against SB 1070, the anti-Latino bill that will lead to racial profiling and racist attacks.

I know Republicans will blame federal inaction for the need for this legislation, but let’s remember it was Republicans who blocked the McCain/Kennedy bill that would have provided comprehensive immigration reform.

A letter in the Arizona Daily Star suggested we all show solidarity with Latinos in the same way the Danes did with the Jews when they all wore a yellow Star of David. I don’t know exactly what we should do — whether, for instance, we should all demand the police check our papers — but I do know as Jews, we must take a stand against this inhumane, racist legislation.

—Joan Safier, retired teacher