Palestinian gambit for statehood could force Israel up against a wall

With talks at a stalemate and no agreement from the Israelis to reinstate a settlement freeze, the Palestinians are playing a new card: an end game to statehood through an appeal to the international community. The card hasn’t actually been played, but the mere threat that the Palestinians would… Read more »

Ash attack on Giffords full of lies

To our community: As Jews, we embrace politics because our parents and our grandparents taught us about the tragedies that can occur if we stay silent. Some of us are liberal. Some of us are conservative. Many of us are moderate. As Americans, we respect one another’s right to… Read more »

Vote for Giffords ratifies status quo

Despite our disagreement, I sincerely respect each of the individuals who replied to my letter. Our common ground is a shared love for Israel and patriotic zeal for the American institutions that guarantee our rights and liberties. Together, we live in a vibrant community that encourages thoughtful political discourse.… Read more »

Kelly aide should rethink protest

When I read allegations of anti-Semitism being hurled at Jesse Kelly in Politico, I thought to myself, “politics as usual.” It’s a stretch to call Mr. Kelly an anti-Semite simply because he had accepted an endorsement from a notorious anti-immigrant group, ALIPAC. I believe he’s innocent of anti-Semitism. What… Read more »

Kampeas wrong on GOP, Israel

I take exception to Ron Kampeas’ article, “Jewish officials flex persuading muscles ahead of possible GOP victories” (AJP 10/15/10). His demonizing Tea Party candidates and “GOP hard-liners” for possible aid cuts to Israel has it all wrong. His left-wing Liberal bias is showing. He and the rest of us… Read more »

Obama choice for those with heart

I want to send a resounding endorsement for the Democrats in this 2010 election. Independents and anyone who has a heart should vote the Democratic ticket. It is imperative to stay focused and have a long and short term memory. We were so upset with Bush but he is… Read more »

Camp Massad sings tribute to Gilad Shalit

Hi. I think some of your readers would be interested in the Camp Massad tribute to Gilad Shalit. It is on youtube now. The URL is Todah Rabah. Marshall Carroll, Camp Massad of Manitoba Board of Directors www.campmassad.ca… Read more »

There’s no place for bullying in God’s world

Rabbi Steven Burg (OU)

NEW YORK — I was saddened to hear of the death of Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old college student driven to suicide by bullying over his sexual orientation. While Clementi’s case has grabbed national headlines, it sadly is far from unique. Last September alone, no fewer than six boys in… Read more »

Trick or Treat: Seeking a sign from Houdini

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — On Halloween, the anniversary of his death, Harry Houdini will be back on stage. The Jewish Museum in New York is opening a new exhibition, “Houdini: Art and Magic,” on Oct. 29, and curator Brooke Kamin Rapaport says the entrance gallery will feature a replica… Read more »

Israel, Iran, court, entitlements — what would a GOP Congress mean?

WASHINGTON (JTA) – The likely prospect of Republican control of at least one chamber of Congress has triggered broad speculation about the remainder of President Obama’s time in the White House, Republican bids for the presidency in 2012 — and the very course of the nation, if not the… Read more »

Book sheds light on Hungarian Jewish history

Regarding “Emotional journey for Tucsonans on mission to Hungary, Israel” (AJP 10/1/10): For a comprehensive review of Jewish life in pre-World War 11 Hungary and the incredibly important role played by Jews who escaped from that country and made huge contributions to the worlds of science, art and literature… Read more »

What drives the Jews? Your opinion wanted

I opened the e-mail from my daughter Lauren, who has been living in Guatemala for almost a year. I cherish the “conversations” we have in cyberspace because they give us a chance to share differently than we do in our phone calls, where we tend to discuss more immediate… Read more »

Israel’s settlements are not the real problem, only a red herring

With each passing year, the Arab-Israeli conflict seems to get an additional facelift in the media headlines. Many notable news sources seek to demonize Israel in the most “objective” manner possible, concentrating on angles irrelevant to the real conflict. Subsequently, when foreign journalists come to Israel with their notebooks,… Read more »

First Things First helps Arizona children succeed: vote no on Prop. 302

Are you as tired and frustrated as we are at seeing Arizona ranked at or near the bottom on state rankings of education and the well-being of its children? First Things First was supported by the voters of Arizona in 2006 to provide the opportunity for high quality early… Read more »

Israel, a fall guy unto the nations?

Let’s not be fooled. The opening weeks of the United Nations General Assembly feature numerous side meetings between Jewish organizations and dozens of visiting dignitaries. Many of the Europeans, and possibly some Arab delegates as well, will be expressing sympathy if not encouragement for Israel’s potential need to attack… Read more »

Why Israel allowed settlement freeze to expire

In the four weeks since direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks resumed, settlement construction has been identified widely as the most immediate obstacle to the survival of negotiations. In media accounts about the diplomatic standoff over the issue, Israel’s decision not to extend its self-imposed 10-month freeze on settlement building has… Read more »

Israeli Chief Rabbinate is thwarting religious expression, democratic principles

Rabbi Steven Wernick

We are saddened by the contempt that Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel, expresses for Reform and Conservative Judaism at this High Holidays season. The Reform and Conservative movements in Israel are small but vibrant, and growing rapidly. This growth comes despite longstanding Israeli government policy… Read more »

In opposing conversion bill, U.S. Jews practice hypocrisy and hurt Israel

Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amar (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

The media has reported the vehement opposition of the American Conservative and Reform movements and Jewish Federations of North America to the conversion bill proposed by Knesset member David Rotem. I find their opposition puzzling. Within the framework of halachah, or Jewish law, the Rotem bill expands the scope… Read more »