Letters to the Editor

Federal immigration law needs enforcement

I am simply amazed at the knee-jerk response of liberals – especially Jewish liberals – who are so vehemently opposed to the new Arizona “immigration” law. I guess they haven’t been following the Congress’ actions in recent years. Nearly every part of this new law is an exact copy of legislation passed over the years, by the Democratically controlled (and liberal) United States Congress.

The problem is that the laws that have been passed have never been enforced!

So, instead of grousing, griping, marching in the streets and yelling “Nazi” at every turn, they should be boarding buses and rushing to Washington, D.C., to have the Congress either: 1) Enforce the legislation (since no president will); or 2) Rescind the legislation.

Then we will see how quickly the Democratic worm turns.

–Norman Ross, adjunct professor, Northern Arizona University (Tucson campus)