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Pittsburgh newspaper wins Pulitzer for coverage of synagogue massacre

(JTA) — The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was awarded the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in breaking news reporting for its coverage of the Tree of Life synagogue massacre last October. Eleven people were shot and killed by a gunman during the rampage, which came as congregants at the synagogue complex in Pittsburgh… Read more »

Josh Radnor, beyond ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Josh Radnor playing Aaron Port, a less than successful writer turned adult ed teacher, in "The Babylon Line." (Jeremy Daniel)

(JTA) — Josh Radnor is starring these days in Richard Greenberg’s off-Broadway play “The Babylon Line.” For the 42-year-old actor, it is the latest in a long and impressive list of credits. However, the odds are that no matter what else he accomplishes in life, for most people he… Read more »

Wandering Jews: Former Tucsonans thrive in new locales – Sari Horwitz

Washington Post reporter Sari Horwitz, center, receives congratulations in the newsroom on learning she won a 1999 Pulitzer Prize for “Deadly Force,” an investigation of D.C. police shootings. She is looking at her then-8-year-old daughter, Rachael. (Photo courtesy Sari Horwitz)

Sari Horwitz is a Pulitzer-Prize winning Washington Post reporter. She shared the 2002 Pulitzer for investigative reporting for her examination of the deaths of children in the D.C. foster care system, co-wrote an investigation of D.C. police shootings that won the 1999 Pulitzer for public service, and was a… Read more »

The Tony Kushner flap: What does it say about the discourse on Israel in America?

In a letter to the CUNY board, Tony Kushner wrote, "I believe I am owed an apology for the careless way in which my name and reputation were handled at your meeting." (Jay Thompson)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — It was the latest dustup over what constitutes acceptable discourse in the American Jewish community when it comes to Israel. Except this time the battle wasn’t contained within the community, but began at a university board meeting and spilled over onto the front page of The… Read more »