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Israeli-American connects with ‘New Eyes’ play

I attended Yafit Josephson’s performance of “New Eyes” at the Tucson Jewish Community Center on April 22 and feel compelled to write. Yafit put on a solo, autobiographical show during which I laughed and cried with her, as she tried to identify who she is: Is she an Israeli… Read more »

‘New Eyes’ one-woman show returns

Yafit Josephson in 'New Eyes'

Back by popular demand, the critically acclaimed one-woman show “New Eyes” will return to Tucson for a single performance on Monday, April 22. “New Eyes” tells the story of Yafit Josephson, a young woman living in Israel who joins the army as part of her mandatory service to her… Read more »

Soldier’s play asks audience to view Israel with ‘New Eyes’

Yafit Josephson as an Israeli army officer in "New Eyes" (Courtesy Invisible Theatre)

As a struggling young actress in Los Angeles, Yafit Josephson should have been glad to get parts — any parts. Yet Josephson, 30, who was born in L.A. but raised in Israel from age 2, who served proudly in the Israel Defense Forces before moving to California to study… Read more »