Letters to the Editor

Israeli-American connects with ‘New Eyes’ play

I attended Yafit Josephson’s performance of “New Eyes” at the Tucson Jewish Community Center on April 22 and feel compelled to write.

Yafit put on a solo, autobiographical show during which I laughed and cried with her, as she tried to identify who she is: Is she an Israeli who was born and raised in Israel, or an American who has studied and lived here for many years?

Being an Israeli-American, I can identify with her and her dilemma, as do most Israelis living in the United States. One always asks oneself, who am I? Moreover, an Israeli-American is always a puzzle to others who are curious about us but cannot understand completely who we are.

Yafit cowrote the play with Suzanne Bressler. She travels with her father, who is her producer, and sometimes her mother, who gives out schnitzel to the audience.

The play was enjoyed by all, as evidenced by the enthusiastic applause and many questions asked of Yafit. I was only sorry that the JCC auditorium was not packed, as I feel this play would appeal to all who love Israel.

I am looking forward to a comedy Yafit is writing about her own December wedding that took place in Israel. She is Sephardic and her husband is Ashkenazi; the wedding gave her plenty of material and food for thought.

—Yael B. Neuman, Ph.D