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Writer A.J. Jacobs traveled thousands of miles to thank everyone who had a hand in his morning coffee

A.J. Jacobs, right, picks coffee cherries, which contain coffee beans, in Colombia. (Courtesy of Jacobs)

(JUF News via JTA) — Author A.J. Jacobs has encouraged his three sons to be grateful for all they have. He and his wife urge them to write thank-you notes, to thank the bus driver — even thank their household robot Alexa for weather forecasts. Jacobs, who is Jewish, sometimes says… Read more »

Rabbi’s Corner: Decluttering guru provokes thoughts about gratitude

Rabbi Batsheva Appel

Marie Kondo has made her name by helping people tidy up. She has a system for removing clutter from our homes that includes the correct ways to sort things, to fold things, to store things. Kondo’s approach is very different from most de-cluttering experts. She suggests that we hold… Read more »