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WIC, Fox to bring Israeli superstar David Broza back to Tucson

‘David Broza & Friends’ will perform at the Fox Tucson Theatre on Dec. 21. Photo courtesy Fox Tucson Theatre

Israeli singer/songwriter David Broza is considered one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant performers. From his whirlwind finger picking to flamenco percussion and rhythms, to a signature rock and roll sound, his charismatic and energetic performances have delighted audiences throughout the world. Broza recently told the AJP that… Read more »

Broza concert last month was joyous, unique

A big shout out to the Weintraub Israel Center and the Fox Theatre for bringing us the fantastic David Broza with a special appearance by Alberto Rios, Arizona’s first poet laureate. Their joyous performance together brought the house down. If you’ve been to Broza’s concerts, you know that his… Read more »

Israeli superstar Broza bringing peace message to Fox Tucson concert

David Broza

Israeli folk star David Broza returns to Tucson on Oct. 30 for a solo performance — with a few special guests — at the Fox Tucson Theatre. With a career spanning almost four decades, Broza’s eclectic musicianship ranges from flamenco rhythms to lightning fast guitar picking to his own… Read more »