Broza concert last month was joyous, unique

A big shout out to the Weintraub Israel Center and the Fox Theatre for bringing us the fantastic David Broza with a special appearance by Alberto Rios, Arizona’s first poet laureate. Their joyous performance together brought the house down.

If you’ve been to Broza’s concerts, you know that his banter between songs is frequently very funny. In addition to his amazing voice and guitar playing, he puts music to poems that he loves. One of those poems is “Chileno Boys,” which Broza read about 30 years ago. He was nonplussed when he learned that the poet was from a small desert city called Chandler, Ariz., a place he’d never heard of. He found Rios, got permission and the rest is history. They are very good friends and have performed together before.

I have heard Broza before and while each concert is always remarkable, the one on Oct. 30 was unique, an homage to music, poetry and friendship. With any luck maybe we can bring them back in the not too distant future.

— Rony Ben-Dov