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Tucson genealogist to be on hand as Holocaust History Center re-opens

Joel Alpert with the English translation of a Yizkor book memorializing a lost Jewish community in Ukraine

Have you been asking yourself when you are finally going to get around to researching your Jewish family roots? The opportunity to jump-start your genealogical quest will be available at the Feb. 21 re-opening of Tucson’s Holocaust History Center on the Jewish History Museum Campus. Joel Alpert will have… Read more »

Yiddish links local man to roots — and Tucson community

Sheldon Clare teaches Yiddish at the Tucson Jewish Community Center. (Renee Claire)

So what’s your Yiddish IQ, bubbeleh? Don’t be too quick with your answer because truth is, lots of the mamaloshen (mother tongue) has entered into common English usage; think kibbitz, bagel, klutz, kosher and chutzpah. But should you want to think of more than the commonly known terms, then… Read more »