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From Woody Allen to Sarah Jessica Parker, 8 ‘Jewish’ shows to watch this fall

From left: Sarah Jessica Parker, Woody Allen, Rachel Bloom and Jeffrey Tambor all star in fall premieres that Jewish viewers should watch. (Lior Zaltzman)

  (JTA) — Fall is here, and with it comes cooler weather, earlier sunsets and an end to whatever magical spell or temporary insanity that possessed us to spend our free time outdoors rather than in front of our screens. But now it’s time to bring out those snuggies, brew… Read more »

Actress Kathryn Hahn talks about playing Rabbi Raquel on ‘Transparent’

Kathryn Hahn arriving at the FYC special screening of “Transparent” at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles, May 5, 2016. (Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

NEW YORK (JTA) — Kathryn Hahn’s no rabbi, but this nice Catholic girl from Cleveland plays one on TV. As Rabbi Raquel Fein on “Transparent,” the groundbreaking Amazon series about a dysfunctional Jewish family with a transgender parent (Jeffrey Tambor), Hahn has spent a lot of time thinking about… Read more »

How ‘Transparent’ is reshaping views of transgender Jews

Jeffrey Tambor, right, with Judith Light in the second season of "Transparent." (Courtesy of Amazon Studios)

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — The prevalence of transgender issues in pop culture seems to have reached a pinnacle this year. Caitlyn – nee Bruce – Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair. The movie “Tangerine,” which stars transgender actors, took film critics by storm. Director Tom Hooper’s “The… Read more »

How a Jewish trans father inspired a hit series

Jill Soloway, writer and director of "Transparent," filming the second season of the show on set. (Courtesy of Amazon Studios)

(JTA) — Writer and director Jill Soloway grew up in what she calls a “somewhat normalish, upper middle class Jewish household” in Chicago. Her mom was a public relations consultant (she worked for Mayor Jane Byrne) and her dad a psychiatrist. But she always sensed that “something was a… Read more »

What if the Nazis had won? Amazon’s new drama answers that question — slowly

American Nazi official Obergruppenfürer John Smith (Rufus Sewell) in "The Man in The High Castle." (Courtesy of Amazon Studios)

(JTA) — Admittedly, “The Man in the High Castle,” the new original series from Amazon Prime, is in a tough spot. Many TV fans are wondering if the much-hyped drama can live up to the standard set by its Emmy-award winning Amazon predecessor, “Transparent.” “High Castle” is based on — but… Read more »