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The Red Tent’ gets new life in gauzy Lifetime movie

1-Minnie Driver (Leah), left, holding hands with Rebecca Ferguson (Dinah), with Morena Baccarin (Rachel) behind them, from the Lifetime miniseries "The Red Tent." (Joey L./Lifetime)

(JTA) — Surely the Torah’s redactors never imagined that their Dinah — voiceless daughter of Jacob and Leah, rape victim avenged by her brothers — would one day be portrayed on the small screen as a lusty young midwife’s apprentice who takes her romantic fate into her own hands.… Read more »

Best-selling ‘Red Tent’ to be star-studded miniseries

Morena Baccarin, left, as Rachel and Rebecca Ferguson as Dinah in the Lifetime miniseries ‘The Red Tent’ (Joey L./Lifetime)

Anita Diamant’s beloved international best-seller, “The Red Tent,” is coming to the screen as a Lifetime miniseries, premiering Dec. 7 and 8. “The Red Tent” is the tale of Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob, whose story was almost a footnote in the Bible — a brief and… Read more »