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Got a question about latkes? There’s a hotline for that.

(JTA) — Are you stressing out about burning your latkes? Now there’s a quick way to assuage your fears. On Tuesday, The Nosher Jewish food site launched a hotline where readers can get all their latkes-related questions answered by Jewish food expert Shannon Sarna. Readers use their cellphone number… Read more »

S’mores Babka Recipe

S'mores Babka (Shannon Sarna)

(The Nosher via JTA) – Babka is an Eastern European yeasted cake with deep Jewish roots and also great American popularity. One of babka’s most notorious moments was in an episode of “Seinfeld”:  Jerry and Elaine head to Royal Bakery to pick up babka for a dinner party, and… Read more »

Cholent Pot Pie Recipe

Cholent Pot Pie (Alexandra Hawkins)

(The Nosher via JTA) — Here’s a comforting yet elevated Shabbat dish from chef Yehuda Sichel of Abe Fisher. Ingredients: 1 cup pearled barley 1 cup dried kidney beans 3/4 pound boneless short ribs, cut into 2-inch cubes 1/2 pound kosher salami, cut into 1/2-inch cubes 1 large yellow… Read more »

Harissa Bloody Mary Recipe

Harissa Bloody Mary (Leetal Arazi)

(The Nosher via JTA) —  Like Italians with their tomato sauce, home cooks across North Africa and the Middle East are serious about their harissa. Each cook has his or her own special method for grinding the chiles and blending in oil, garlic and spices. That’s why our harissa… Read more »

Try This New Twist on Tabbouleh

Quinoa Tabbouleh (Shannon Sarna)

(The Nosher via JTA) — Tabbouleh is a classic Middle Eastern salad made with bulgur, tomatoes and a high ratio of chopped fresh herbs. It’s easy to make, fresh, delicious and healthy, making it a much-beloved side dish around the world. Instead of classic bulgur, we wanted to try… Read more »

Brisket Tacos Recipe with Pickled Red Onions

Brisket tacos. (Gabi Moskowitz)

(The Nosher via JTA) — “Leftover brisket” is something of an oxymoron, since traditional braised Ashkenazi brisket is usually the first thing to run out on most dinner tables. But at my little table of two, it’s rare that my husband and I can finish even the smallest of briskets by ourselves.… Read more »

Dill Pickle Challah Recipe

Dill Pickle Challah (Shannon Sarna)

Editor’s note: This article was updated on Aug. 29, thanks to a sharp-eyed reader who noticed inconsistencies between the ingredients list and the directions. (The Nosher via JTA) — Have you noticed that dill pickle-flavored dishes are everywhere lately? There’s dill pickle-brined chicken fingers and dill pickle bread from… Read more »