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These 7 smartphone apps make life easier for religious Jews

Smartphone apps can help with everything from putting on tefillin correctly to finding a minyan to locating a kosher restaurant. (Lior Zaltzman)

(JTA) — These days there are smartphone applications for pretty much anything, from ordering food to finding a date to reporting anti-Semitic incidents. But what about tools for living a religious Jewish life? Well, there are apps for that, too. Whereas in the time before smartphones, observant Jews may have… Read more »

Scribe to check, repair tefillin and mezuzot

Chabad Tucson is commissioning a Jewish scribe, or sofer, to check and repair mezuzot and tefillin on the premises at Congregation Young Israel. Rabbi Moshe Liberow of Colorado Springs, Colo., will begin his work on Sunday, Aug. 31 and remain in Tucson for the duration of the week, depending… Read more »

Tefillin policy tip of the iceberg for Orthodox women

A modern Orthodox high school in New York recently announced it will allow girls to lay tefillin. Another school has quietly done so since the 1990s.

The announcement last week that SAR, a modern Orthodox high school in New York, is allowing girls to lay tefillin is helping expose an increasingly sharp fault line within Orthodoxy. For decades, it has been difficult to sort out the precise dividing lines between the varieties of Orthodoxy —… Read more »