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Obama’s options limited on Egypt

Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi demonstrate in front of the headquarters of the Egyptian Republican Guard in Cairo, July 5, 2013. (Ed Giles/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — When it comes to foreign assistance, American law couldn’t be clearer: A coup d’etat suspends funding, period. But that directive, which has persisted for years in federal appropriations bills, is now clashing with another congressional priority: the apparent desire to foster an alternative to Mohamed Morsi,… Read more »

From L.A., following the Egyptian signs to the Red Sea

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics painted on a Hollywood theater wall inspire a new reading of the Passover haggadah. (Brenda Rodman)

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — If the Passover haggadah seems like hieroglyphics to you, it could be a good thing. Though the Israelites left Egypt presumably to escape the ankhs and eyes of Horus of the ancient written language, recently I discovered that hieroglyphics — a system of pictorial characters… Read more »

As Morsi and Brotherhood spur alarm, what to do about Egypt?

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi addressing the U.N. General Assembly, Sept. 26, 2012. (UN Photo/Marco Castro)

WASHINGTON (JTA) – Jewish groups looking for signals from Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi regarding his views were appalled when one finally came — in the form of a nod and what appeared to be a muttered “amen” to an imam’s call for God to “deal harshly” with the Jews.… Read more »