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In the Trump era, imams and rabbis struggle to come up with a strategy to counter anti-Muslim hostility

Abdul Rashid Abdullah of the National American Muslim Association on Scouting speak at a Muslim-Jewish gathering in Washington, D.C., while Rabbi David Shneyer of Kehila Chadasha looks on, Dec. 11, 2016. (Ron Kampeas)

WASHINGTON (JTA) – A year ago, when several dozen Washington-area Jewish and Muslim religious and lay leaders jostled for spots in a group picture, the mood was convivial. The most novel item on the agenda for that November 2015 confab was bringing in non-Middle Eastern Muslims into the Jewish-Muslim… Read more »

Let’s not welcome Middle Eastern immigrants with open arms

I disagree with those of my fellow Jews who think Jews should assist Middle Eastern Muslims in immigrating to the USA. Those Europeans who advocated subverting legal, orderly immigration policies and welcoming a mass invasion of Middle Eastern strangers — ignoring the plain announcements of ISIS that they were… Read more »