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Documentary on Dr. Ruth delves into the sex therapist’s Holocaust past

"Ask Dr. Ruth" chronicles the life of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a Holocaust survivor who became America's most famous sex therapist. (Austin Hargrave)

(JTA) — Judging by all the media attention, the world loves short Jewish women named Ruth. One of them, Ruth Westheimer — better known as the renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth — is on the phone to talk about her life and a new documentary about it. But first… Read more »

This Berlin rabbinical school is creating a new kind of rabbi for Germany’s Jewish communities

The Rabbinerseminar zu Berlin, the only Orthodox rabbinical seminary in Germany, held its 10th anniversary ordination ceremony in Berlin in October 2018. The school's predecessor was shuttered by the Nazis in 1938. (Gregor Zielke)

Though he was just 6 years old on the night of Kristallnacht, Rabbi Chanoch Ehrentreu can still recall the horror: Torah scrolls burning in the courtyard of his father’s synagogue. His father taken by the Gestapo to the concentration camp at Dachau. The grandson of a prominent rabbi from… Read more »

Kindertransport story sparks Tucsonan’s novel of intrigue

Lauren Grossman

Tucson author Lauren B. Grossman found the inspiration for her second novel, “The Golden Peacock,” in a souvenir from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. When visiting the museum about a decade ago, Grossman was handed the identity card of a Holocaust survivor, randomly selected from a bin. She… Read more »

Selma Neuhauser

Selma Neuhauser

Selma Neuhauser, age 85, died Feb. 21, 2012. Mrs. Neuhauser (nee Fussgteig) was born in Vienna, Austria. She was placed on a Kindertransport to Sweden at age 11 and moved to the United States at age 22. Both of her parents died in Auschwitz. A resident of Tucson since… Read more »