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JScreen co-founder will discuss genetic disease testing

Karen Grinzaid

Karen A. Grinzaid, MS, CGC, CCRC, senior director and co-founder of JScreen, will present “Knowledge is Power: Impacting the Health of Future Generations” at a Tucson Maimonides Society dinner on Nov. 12 at the La Paloma Country Club. The Maimonides Society is a fellowship of doctors dedicated to education… Read more »

After losing Ayelet, Galenas find joy with new baby, thanks to NIH breakthrough

Seth Galena and Hindy Poupko, at his right shoulder, celebrate the birth of their son Akiva at his bris, June 15, 2014. (Piha Studio)

NEW YORK (JTA) – Even before their daughter, Ayelet Galena, was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease called dyskeratosis congenita around her first birthday, parents Hindy Poupko and Seth Galena knew they wanted to have more children. But once the diagnosis arrived, the couple had a dilemma: There… Read more »