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A relaxation garden, no matter how small, turns your house into a home

This very tropical looking plant survives in a desert garden with afternoon shade. Its flowers are visited by hummingbirds. (Photo: Pixabay.com)

Behaviorists have stacks of data highlighting the fact that getting out in nature can calm and restore the human spirit. This applies to all humans, even if you never lived in the country, even if you hate to hike, and no matter what age. Five, 35, or 85, we… Read more »

Easy-care houseplants for Southern Arizona’s low-humidity climate

Many members of the bromeliad family do well as house plants. (Photos courtesy: Pixbay.com)

Houseplants are trendy once more — which is “groovy” or “cool beans” or maybe just plain super. Not only do plants make oxygen for us to breathe, they bring nature indoors and can help us relax. And there are so many pretty ones to choose from. BUT! Here in… Read more »

More herbs, less salt:  Healthful ‘Holy Land’ herbs grow well in Tucson

Rosemary thrives amoung the citrus trees in Jacqueline Soule's Northwest Tucson garden.

The American Medical Association cautions that many Americans consume too much salt. The AMA encourages us to reduce our salt intake because excess sodium boosts blood pressure, leading to heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. The problem is that we like flavor in our food, and most of us… Read more »

Water features indeed can be part of desert landscape

A burbling fountain can be soothing and mask other background noises. (Jacqueline A. Soule)

Nothing sets the mood quite like water in the garden. The faint sound of trickling water can draw one to a private oasis where flashes of light shimmer over the arching flanks of koi. Sunlight dancing on the spray of a waterfall or fountain releases diamond-like glitters of light.… Read more »

Annuals in pots, baskets or beds provide easy winter color for the patio

Brighten your days with the smiling faces of pretty pansies. They love our winter weather and will provide months of color. (Courtesy of All-American Selections)

                                      Southern Arizona is a wonderful place to live for many reasons. Along with not shoveling snow, bright colorful flowers filling the yard all year long are tops on my list.… Read more »