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If Israel has such bad PR, why does it remain so popular?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands that Israel’s “hasbarah” can only get the country so far. (Illustration by Charles Dunst/JTA; photo: Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty)

(JTA) — The first mention in JTA of the Hebrew word “hasbarah” was in 1988, at the height of the first intifada. The article focused on Israelis and American Jews and their deep concern that the media were distorting the unrest and showing the Israeli military in a bad… Read more »

‘House’ cast gets taste of Israeli medicine

Lisa Edelstein, a star of the hit television show "House," jokingly comforts a dummy used in medical simulations at the Sheba Medical Center, an Israeli hospital outside of Tel Aviv alongside fellow cast members. [Jorge Novominsky]

RAMAT GAN, Israel (JTA) — On television Lisa Edelstein, a star of the hit Fox show “House,” and her fellow actors work medical miracles every episode. But at an Israeli hospital she stumbled trying her hand at simulated arthroscopic surgery. “I’m so glad this is not a living person,”… Read more »