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He wrote a novel about an imagined Iranian attack on Israel. Then the publisher withdrew it.

Hesh Kestin says his book "The Siege of Tel Aviv" is not Islamophobic. Its former publisher disagrees. (Courtesy of Kestin)

NEW YORK (JTA) — On April 16, Dzanc Books announced its latest release, “The Siege of Tel Aviv,” a novel that imagines an Iran-led attack on Israel that leaves the country decimated. Author Hesh Kestin, a former journalist who had already published two novels with the small independent press,… Read more »

In Focus 1.6.17

L-R: Or Chadash sixth graders David Berk, Gabby Marsh (visitor), Talya Fleisher, Emma Ruben, Lily Goldberg, Jessica Witchey, Ethan Silvyn, Riley Silvyn. Center: Ava Silverman

Or Chadash Mitzvah Fair  On Sunday, Dec. 11, the sixth grade students at Congregation Or Chadash held the 10th annual Mitzvah Fair, which allows students to learn about and in turn help teach the concept of tzedakah (charity) in our community, says Rina Liebeskind, Or Chadash education director. The… Read more »

OP-ED What Jewish students can, and should, learn from Israel’s critics

  (JTA) — As university professors, as committed Jews and as friends, we were puzzled by Arnold Eisen’s recent op-ed for JTA, “Jewish pride on campus is under siege. Here’s what your kids can do to fight back.” It is not because we disagree with his positions on Zionism, on Israel and Palestine,… Read more »

Op-Ed: Building of Muslim-Jewish ties brings hope for Mideast

NEW YORK (JTA) — The recent conflict in Gaza and Israel casts a vivid spotlight on the need to strengthen relations between Jews and Muslims in countries around the world. It is crucial if we are to avoid importing the violence that has rocked the Holy Land to our… Read more »