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Bringing a bit of veggie heaven into the sukkah

NEW YORK (JTA) — Sukkot is a wonderful time of year to incorporate seasonal ingredients into your cooking. One of my most important rules for cooking and eating is to use what is best and freshest in the market — fish, vegetables, fruit and meat. The better your ingredients,… Read more »

Traditional and modern tastes have a place at New Year’s tables

Chicken Rolls with Orange Sauce, which adds some sweetness to the poultry -- perfect for Rosh Hashanah. ("Helen Nash's New Kosher Cuisine," Overlook Press)

  NEW YORK (JTA) — Nearly 30 years ago, when my first cookbook was published, I wrote that kosher cooking wasn’t just about traditional recipes like gefilte fish and chopped liver, that you could make gourmet meals and international dishes using kosher ingredients.  Since then, many new kosher ingredients… Read more »