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Firefighters hold Passover seder

Matt Gordon (foreground) and fellow Golder Ranch firefighters held a Passover seder at fire station 377 in Oro Valley on April 8. Family friend Hedy Feuer provided the matzah ball soup, kippot, and Haggadahs, and the firefighters prepared the rest of the meal. Gordon’s father is Jewish, Feuer explains,… Read more »

Tucsonans make the most of New York, Israel, longtime friendship

BFFs Susan Weinstein (left) and Hedy Feuer

Childhood friends re-connect In August, AJP Executive Editor Phyllis Braun received an email from a “Susan Weinstein” who had searched online to locate her childhood friend Hedy Feuer. Susan saw an AJP article about Hedy, a breast cancer survivor, and realizing this was indeed her long-lost friend, asked Phyllis… Read more »

Survivor to lead team on breast cancer walk

Hedy Feuer

Hedy Feuer is a two-time breast cancer survivor. She knows that makes her one of the lucky ones. Feuer was diagnosed the first time 16 years ago, and again two years ago. The advances in treatment that saved her life a second time underscore why breast cancer research is… Read more »