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‘I want to give other people the permission that Amy gave me’: Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s husband pens memoir about moving on

Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jason B. Rosenthal are pictured on a trip to Florida in 2017. (Courtesy of Jason Rosenthal)

(JUF News via JTA) — When Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jason B. Rosenthal first got married, they brainstormed long-term marriage goals. Some that made the list: “Get dressed up and go on dates,” “Record our kids’ voices every year” and “Whenever we sign something ‘Amy & Jason,’ we both… Read more »

Rings and things: Remembering loss, moving toward life

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — During shiva for my mother, my father gathered my brothers and me to share a letter in which she expressed some musings and last wishes. The letter also said that as the sole daughter, I had inherited her jewelry box. In the room in which… Read more »