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Washington scandal reveals politics behind European Jewish memorials

WEIMAR, GERMANY - APRIL 12: The figural group by Fritz Cremer and the belltower at the memorial for the victims of the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald are seen during the marking the 70th anniversary of the camp's liberation which takes place at the Buchenwald memorial on April 12, 2015 near Weimar, Germany. The Nazis began incarcerating mostly political prisoners at the camp in 1937, and later added Jews and prisoners-of-war in an operation that provided slave labor for factories in the region. An estimated 56,000 prisoners died at Buchenwald before its liberation by U.S. troops on April 11, 1945 following an uprising by prisoners. (Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (JTA) – A small government agency for preserving European historical sites has been accused of criminal malfeasance, roiling Jewish community officials who say the agency has played a critical role in memorializing Europe’s Jewish past. The controversy surrounding the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad offers a… Read more »